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Research & Development
Sun Deep’s exceptional product development staff doesn’t stop at designing a high quality product, but rather works with you to design a custom tailor made product for your precise need. Whether you are looking for an OTC topical product or an organic anti aging cream we are the perfect fit for you. Our expertise does not stop at product development, we assist you in many facets such as marketing, stability, demographics, regulatory and much more.

When initially designing a product Sun Deep staff factor in a wide array of aspects, such as geographical distribution, specific customer focus, ingredients listings, internal marketing and the specific marketplace you are selling in. We have worked closely with some of the largest retail chains in the natural and organic care market, and are intimately aware of objectionable ingredients that may cost you a sale.

Sun Deep has an extensive stock of natural and organic oils and extracts as well as a plethora of essential oils that when in the hands of master formulators can be used to produce truly unique scents. We have developed close relationships with many of the industries top suppliers of new innovative technologies and raw materials giving us a virtual library of specialty ingredients to choose from, to differentiate your product and ensure your success.

Our knowledge of the marketplace is only matched with our extensive knowledge of natural and organic care formulas. Being one of the first companies to incorporate Organic into our products we have become the industry standard for performance products made naturally. Upfront deposits are minimal to develop your unique formula.
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