About Sun Deep Inc.

Sun Deep Incorporated is located in the prestigious San Francisco Bay area of Northern California, the birthplace of Organic. We maintain the highest level of sustainability in manufacturing coupled with industry leading quality standards.

Sun Deep has a full-scale research and development department, manufacturing and production center. Since our inception our firm has been family owned and operated. We are consistently searching for new ways to improve quality and production standards. Since 1987 we have been manufacturing personal care for companies all over the United States, Europe, and Asia.

Sun Deep research staff’s intimate knowledge of ingredients, public opinion and foreign markets makes us an invaluable resource for your product development and manufacturing. Collectively we have over a century of combined brand and product development experience.

Our state of the art GMP facility nestled in the heart of the progressive San Francisco bay area contains versatile high speed filling lines for tubes, jars and all types of bottles. Please enjoy this tour of our facility. 



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